Dump Trucks

Chalmers suspensions have become the suspension of choice on dump trucks. The Chalmers tandem or single axle suspensions have the ability to travel on/off road more successfully than other vocational suspensions on any job site.

Concrete Mixer

The Chalmers suspension in ready-mix applications is by far one of the most rapidly growing market segments which Chalmers is enjoying success in. This high center of gravity application takes advantage of Chalmers' high stability spring restrictor can and rugged design. Concrete mixers use 40,000, 46,000, and 50,0000 weight ratings.

Construction Trucks

All construction trucks are required to go off road into sites with severe conditions. Construction trucks that use Chalmers suspensions perform better than other vocational trucks. This is due to Chalmers unique floating walking beam design that allows full articulation of the axles and improved traction.


Logging is one of the first applications that Chalmers was widely accepted in and is a market that Chalmers still dominates today. There are not many applications that are tougher or more demanding on a suspension than logging.

Garbage Truck

The Chalmers provides distinct advantages for heavy duty towing applications.

Refuse Trucks

Chalmers has been supplying single and tandem axle suspensions to the refuse and sanitation industries for well over twenty years. We offer a vast array of solutions in single axle and tandem axle configurations to solve your equipment needs.

Public Utility

Chalmers is widely used on all types of public utility trucks, both single axle and tandem. The Chalmers suspension is successful due to its ride characteristics, stability and lower maintenance costs.

Block Trucks

The Chalmers suspension is heavily used on block trucks. With the use of its high stability restrictor cans the Chalmers suspension allows for easy loading and unloading using an on board boom.

Fuel Tanker

Tank Trucks deployed to transport liquids impose special demands on the suspensions due to liquid hammer effects on the structure of the container. Chalmers Suspensions due to its unique design is able to absorb such stresses thereby reducing the strain on the structure. This in turn enables better and smoother cornering on the road.


Road / Large Area sweeping application demand contact to the near surface of the road. Chalmers Suspensions due to its superb articulation allows the sweeping apparatus mounted on the truck to hug the surface even in uneven surfaces.

Heavy Haul

Heavy haul is a popular use for Chalmers. These trucks operate in severe conditions in and around construction sites. This requires the superior articulation and traction that Chalmers offers.


Chalmers superior ability to carry the load in extreme off road conditions like mining sites has made Chalmers a leader in mining suspensions all over the world. Chalmers suspensions can be found on every continent working in the most extreme situations. Truck, single axle, tandem or tri-axle, Chalmers has a suspension solution for your mining needs.

Gas and Oil Field

Oil Field service is a very demanding job for a suspension. Chalmers superior rubber spring suspension stands up to the demands in off road oil field applications with weight ratings on tandem suspensions up to 100,000lbs. Chalmers also offers tri-axle suspensions which are being used in the Northern Canadian oil field with weight ratings of up to 125,000lbs.

Fire Trucks

Fire trucks, depending on application, use either the Chalmers single axle or tandem. The Chalmers suspension, due to its enhanced features and ride characteristics, protects the fire truck's mounted equipment ensuring safe and reliable service.

Exploration Trucks

Chalmers has been used in exploration trucks. These trucks operate in severe conditions in and around exploration sites. This requires the superior articulation and traction that Chalmers offers.


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